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Walkin Backrub has visited our company since 2001 and we have no intention off stopping as the benefits are endless.  The therapists always ask about our staffs needs and they focus entirely on what’s needed for each person. All our staff look forward to their treatments, our current masseuse is Denise, who is fantastic in fact out of this world.

We’ve been appreciating the backrub office massage for over three years now and have found that employees productivity and morale has increased, simply because staff feel appreciated and that our company looks after them.

We use the service once a month and our staff really look forward to having their massage. Absenteeism has also been minimized as a result of the office massage and we consider this is due to the fact that stress is reduced at our call centre.

We really recommend walk-in backrub office massage to any organization who wants to get  110% staff productivity.

Claire Sanders – Intelecom UK Ltd – Westminster, London


We highly recommend Walk-in Backrub if you want to leave all your staff feeling relaxed and stress free. They have experienced and professional office massage practitioners that we as a great way to say thank you to all our teams for all their hard work.



The backrub team has had such an amazing effect on our employees. It’s great how just a ten minute massage can substantially improve the atmosphere motivation and create happier people.

Why choose us?

• Established Since 1995
• We only specialize in chair massage
• So you will only get the very best
• And we teach on site massage
• We love what we do

About Walk-in Backrub

Walk-in Backrub have been offering On site and office massage services to companies for over 15 years.. We are the only office massage company in the UK to have drop in massage centres in London where employees can walk in for massage without an appointment.

What is office massage?

Your guaranteed professional Office Massage experts giving you the best chair massage you can find..  

Our London massage Shops?

We offer a range of payment options to suit your company’s needs.
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