Office massage

Massage reduces stress at work

In today’s busy work place a growing number of companies are incorporating employee well-being initiatives at work.

One guaranteed way for getting employee motivation up and minimizing absenteeism would be to get a qualified on site massage practitioner to give you, along with your stressed fellow workers a energising on site massage.

Not only will this leave everyone feeling rejuvenated and a great deal more concentrated, the employees will feel more appreciated which will help reduce recruiting costs through more effective staff retention.

A study from the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development have revealed that 40% of sickness & absenteeism is stress related and also 19% of employees leaving a company report stress as the main reason.

On-site massage will really help in reducing stress at work and maintaining your staff’s health and well-being which surely makes excellent business sense.

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Walk-in Backrub have been offering On site and office massage services to companies for over 15 years.. We are the only office massage company in the UK to have drop in massage centres in London where employees can walk in for massage without an appointment.

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