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Office Massage LondonOffice Massage London specializes in fully clothed Japanese chair massage in the workplace anywhere in London

There are lots of office massage companies in London claiming to be the best…

But how would you really know that they are the best office massage company in London?


Just by asking each on site massage company a couple of  questions will help you choose the right of office massage company.

How long have you been running an on-site massage company?

Office Massage London started in 1995. So we have over 18 years of experience in On site and office massage services.

We are also the only onsite massage company to have four office massage shops in London where employees can just walk in without an appointment.


What kind of Massage qualification do your therapists have?

All of our office massage London practitioners are certified & insured Shiatsu massage therapists who have studied Japanese Shiatsu for at least three years.

Before working at office massage and corporate events they also have to take our on site massage training and need to pass an assessment.


What type of office massage do you offer?

Our chair massage is a combination of, Japanese Shiatsu chair massage without any oils
Tuina Chinese massage through clothing and Acu-pressure massage to back, neck and shoulders


What are your rates?

Our On site Massage rates depends on how often you use our services, how long each massage is and how many people you would like to be massaged .

For our current offer just enter you email address on the right hand side of the page and we’ll send you our current best deal straight away into your email in-box.


Why would a company use office massage?

Businesses that get frequent massage in the office for their own employees, understand it boosts as well as increases their workers effectiveness plus they’re mindful of additional advantages office massage provides from taking care of and appreciating their staff.

Our Office Massage service was established to alleviate both mental and physical tension in an organization. It’s also a cost-effective approach to improve morale as well as boost your company’s productivity. There are numerous additional benefits from having regular on site massage sessions.


How much time per massage is recommended?

Office massage normally takes ten minutes for every massage however, you can choose, ten, fifteen, twenty, or thirty



How frequently must we book you?

Generally businesses ask us to go to their office and remain there throughout the day, once per month or bi- weekly.

Furthermore, it depends upon the number of individuals in the organization.


To obtain our current special offer please telephone Jason Norman on 0207 436 9875

or send us an email, to tell us what you want so we can meet your requirements.

We also bring along some cool chilled music to unwind to.


Office Massage London

Probably the best way to get going is to give us a call to ask us for your free on site massage trial. 0207 436 9875 .

We have numerous payment options that will help you decide what is the best option for  you, We can invoice you or you can pay by credit card, ect’

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How easier to demonstrate to them your height of commitment for their wellness rather than give a constant existence of the certified seat masseuse at office massage London



Why choose us?

• Established Since 1995
• We only specialize in chair massage
• So you will only get the very best
• And we teach on site massage
• We love what we do

About Walk-in Backrub

Walk-in Backrub have been offering On site and office massage services to companies for over 15 years.. We are the only office massage company in the UK to have drop in massage centres in London where employees can walk in for massage without an appointment.

What is office massage?

Your guaranteed professional Office Massage experts giving you the best chair massage you can find..  

Our London massage Shops?

We offer a range of payment options to suit your company’s needs.
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