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staff having a massage at work Massage at work isn’t just a luxury for your employees because many successful company’s realise the huge benefits from offering gratitude towards their employees by looking after their health and well-being.

Office massage will revitalise the working environment in a short time so everyone is relaxed and focused on their work. getting a chair massage at work will greatly enhance your staff’s health and well-being and its much better to have employees who feel appreciated, happy and more productive, which in return benefits the company.

Just having a 10 minute massage once a month is a great way to start the gratitude ball rolling and remember that gratitude and appreciation you give to your employees will come back tenfold which only benefits the business..

Why offer staff a chair massage at work?

Appreciated , happy and healthier staff = productive and creative staff = successful business

Having a massage while you’re at work is becoming more popular in the UIK as many companies now realise the  benefits they will get in return from looking after their staff….

Of course there are many ways to do this, but chair massage is a great way because not only do employee’s feel appreciated and care for they also get to relax and the massage can help relieve any stress and tension from the body..

The problem with most of us is that we just keep on working and working until we are too tired to continue, but the real secret for vibrant health and creativity I fact happiness is to just stop sometime and do completely nothing.

And nothing means anything, not even watch telly, read, have a cup of coffee, beer or even nap.  There is nothing wrong with any of these things but that isn’t stopping as there all still doing something…
So just try it now as there is no time like the presence…

Just set your timer on your mobile phone for just TWO minutes (yes that’s all) and sit silently for the 2 minutes, it doesn’t matter if your eyes are opened or closed just do what you feel naturally…
Just let everything be, exactly as it is… whatever comes up….

Okay stop reading now and give it a go…..

How was that? how did that feel?

You see something so simple but most people never stop… (Until it’s too late)..

Benefits of receiving a massage at work.

That’s why having a massage at work has some amazing benefits for the individual and also the company….
Imagine a company where all the staff has completely stopped for just 10 minutes to have a wonderful relaxing chair massage.

The clarity, focus and creativity now spread through all the staff who received a massage will have a profound effect on the bottom line of the business…

If you want your company to experience and see the benefits for yourself then just give us a Call on 0207 436 9875 to arrange a free massage at work.


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