Office massage


“A relaxed workplace is happier, efficient and much more productive”

Walk-in Backrub office massage began in 1995, we are primarily based in London and operate across the UK providing a nationwide community of professional and highly qualified massage therapists, all having full Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.

We only specialise in Japanese Seated chair massage so you will only get the best office massage therapists.

We provide On Site Massage to businesses; this is usually an easy and economical solution to increase the well-being, success and overall health of a company.

We accomplish this by providing staff a short but powerful massage in a specifically designed relaxing chair; this will help reduce stress and improves productiveness and a positive atmosphere in the office.

It can also be a wonderful way to increase morale as well as to reward staff performance.


For all Head Office enquiries, please call 0207 436 9875

We can assist businesses to prosper by improving staff member’s health and well-being whilst minimizing workforce costs.

We’re also there so that you can eliminate the stress inside your work environment and minimize the consequence it has within your organisation.

We also have four Walk in Backrub shops in Central London, providing no appointment chair massage.

We have two London Shiatsu Shops within our Neal’s Yard and Charlotte Place centre’s offering Complete Zen Shiatsu treatments.

Our On Site corporate massage services is usually a part of an employee benefit programme, as organisations start to identify the negative effects that stress has on their workers.

For all Head Office enquiries, please call 0207 436 9875

Why choose us?

• Established Since 1995
• We only specialize in chair massage
• So you will only get the very best
• And we teach on site massage
• We love what we do

About Walk-in Backrub

Walk-in Backrub have been offering On site and office massage services to companies for over 15 years.. We are the only office massage company in the UK to have drop in massage centres in London where employees can walk in for massage without an appointment.

What is office massage?

Your guaranteed professional Office Massage experts giving you the best chair massage you can find..  

Our London massage Shops?

We offer a range of payment options to suit your company’s needs.
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