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We’ve been providing office massage in the workplace in the UK since 1995. We also have 5 Walk-in Massage Centres in Central London.

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Some of Our Valued Clients

Your Greatest Asset

are your employees, you must do everything to keep them productive, happy and feeling appreciated so they work to their full capacity.


Massage in the workplace!

” If for a low cost you could send a powerful message to your employees that you really value their health and that their hard work is the reason the company is successful, Would You? “
Well that low cost message you can send your employees is… Chair Massage at work “

Massage in the workplace has become very popular in demanding urban offices. The reason for this is businesses now realize the long term benefits in promoting their employee’s health and well being.


Companies who provide regular on site massage therapy to their staff notice an increase in productivity, motivation and boost in team spirit

There is also a decrease in illness-related staff absenteeism. Especially on Mondays, which is a great day to get an on site massage company to come and give everyone a massage and a boost. After a couple of months you soon see that employees look forward to coming in on a Monday. “Tell me why I don’t like Mondays” “Well not any more…”

It’s simple;

Companies that take care of their staff, such as providing 10 minute monthly On site massage treatments to their employees achieve better results and are more successful.


Are your staff overstressed?

All across the UK companies are now using on site massage as a way to eliminate stress from the workplace, they are making going to work for employees literally a less of a pain in the neck.


Massage in the workplace gives hard working staff a fantastic way of easing the stress present in these competitive times.

Hunched at a desk for many hours usually leads to pain and tension somewhere in the body and over time this can lead to a more serious problem. Repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome are commonly seen amongst office workers. A stress releasing massage of about 10 to 20 minutes relieves tension in shoulders, back and neck muscles, reducing irritability, fatigue and increasing productivity.



Our on site massage service performs massage in the workplace saving your company Time and Money.

Your staff will be seated on a special massage chair while remaining fully clothed. (“So you can keep your trousers on”) No messy oils will be used, so there’s absolutely zero risk of stains on clothing.

Generally the massage sessions lasts for 10 to 20 minutes. Since the massage chair is light and portable it can be set up in almost any break or meeting room.


Benefits of chair massage in the workplace

According to Florida’s Touch Research Institute the advantages of massage in the workplace shows immediate results. In their study, right after the chair massage treatments, the subjects felt a lot sharper in alertness and greater performance on maths problems which they accomplished in less time with fewer errors then those who didn’t receive a massage. All this in addition to the common benefits of massage which is revitalized energy, peace of mind, stronger immune system and relief of stress and muscular tension.


Reward for Employees

Even a small bit of appreciation can go a long way. Reward a winning team with a wonderful massage for all the members of that department. After a demanding and stressful project, reward your staff by assigning a day for on site massage.


Why us?

We at “Walk-in Backrub Office Massage” are experts in our field with over 17 years of experience in Japanese chair massage, treating teams at different events and companies.

Each company we visit are unique and one of our first goals is to arrange the best possible way to set up the massage treatments and also to promote the health benefits in order to achieve the highest uptake.

Our team of massage therapists is dedicated to giving amazing treatments which make people want to receive another massage over and over again. We are committed to providing your employees wonderful and powerful massages with a great service. We are there to take care of you.

The Massage in the workplace Results

For the best results, the massage often takes place in silence allowing the mind/thoughts to stop and the body to revitalize and rejuvenate.

You’ll be able to get the results from getting feedback after the massage treatments. Our massages are designed to relax and refresh immediately increasing motivation and productivity. Also, your employees will be verbal about the benefits of their massage they received and they will appreciate its long-term effects. A silly question maybe, but what is massage?


A few of our Massage in the workplace client testimonials:

“Your team was highly professional and qualified and definitely made our employees feel valued. We will not think twice before using Walk-in Backrub again.”

“We are looking forward to booking the Backrub team to come in to Beepxtra again, Our 3 on site massage therapists were friendly, professional and some of our staff feedback said – very experienced – amazing – best massage I’ve ever had.”

“It is indeed inspiring to work with an on site massage company that is so passionate, responsive, professional and completely devoted to offering a stupendous service at all levels, we all love having a massage in the workplace.

Why choose us?

• Established Since 1995
• We only specialize in chair massage
• So you will only get the very best
• And we teach on site massage
• We love what we do

About Walk-in Backrub

Walk-in Backrub have been offering On site and office massage services to companies for over 15 years.. We are the only office massage company in the UK to have drop in massage centres in London where employees can walk in for massage without an appointment.

What is office massage?

Your guaranteed professional Office Massage experts giving you the best chair massage you can find..  

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